Pain bruising easy bleeding fatigue increased likelihood of getting an infection pallor shortness of breath with exercise signs and tests physical examination shows swelling of the spleen. cheap viagra Later in the disease, it may also show an enlarged liver. Tests that may be done include: cbc (complete blood count) with blood smear genetic testing an examination of the blood shows teardrop-shaped red blood cells. viagra discount prices Bone marrow biopsy is usually needed to make the diagnosis and to rule out other causes of the symptoms. viagra for sale Treatment in the past,  the treatment of myelofibrosis has depended on the symptoms and degree of the low blood counts. best generic viagra online In young people, bone marrow or stem cell transplants appear to improve the outlook, and may cure the disease. A long-term (5 year) remission is possible for some patients with bone marrow transplantation. buy generic viagra Such treatment should be considered for younger patients and some others. Other treatment may involve: blood transfusions and medicines to correct anemia radiation and chemotherapy medicines to target a genetic mutation linked to this disease, if present splenectomy (removal of the spleen) if swelling causes symptoms, or to help with anemia expectations (prognosis) this disorder causes slowly worsening bone marrow failure with severe anemia. lawyer viagra jokes Low platelet count leads to easy bleeding. Spleen swelling may slowly get worse. what does viagra do to men yahoo answers The average survival of people with primary myelofibrosis is about 5 years. what does viagra do to men yahoo answers However, some people may survive for decades. buy viagra online Complications acute myelogenous leukemia blood clots liver failure calling your health care provider call for an appointment with your health care provider if symptoms of this disorder develop. Uncontrolled bleeding, shortness of breath, or jaundice that gets worse need urgent or emergency care. Prevention there is no known prevention. viagra prescribing instructions References tefferi a. Polycythemias, essential thrombocythemia, and primary myelofibrosis. cheap viagra online In goldman l, schafer ai, eds. buy generic viagra online Cecil medicine. Lowest price for viagra online 24th ed. buy generic viagra Philadelphia, pa: saunders elsevier; 2011:chap 169. Buy generic viagra in india Review date: 6/5/2012. viagra for sale Reviewed by: david c. cheap viagra 100mg australia Dugdale, iii, md, pro.  







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