Bayshore Seniors Club   hip scores & explanation  of used terms find below a table with the different european scores compared with the fci classsification. buy cheap viagra Most countries switch to the 'new' fci system. buy viagra without prescription But on older pedigrees you will find the scores given as below: country classification classification netherlands (until 2004) germany switzerland (until 1991) fci (all countries) fci negatiefhd - kein hinweis (frei)hd   f frei a 1 no signs of dysplasia a 2 transitional casehd tc verdachtig fur hdhd v b 1 transitional case hd i b 2 licht positiefhd +/- leichte hdhd l c 1 mild c 2 positiefhd + mittlere hdhd m hd ii d 1 moderate d 2 schwere hdhd s hd iii e 1 severe positief optima formahd ++ hd iv e 2   now you are able to compare the fci scores with the ofa scoring system. You will find some difference in the upper region. cipla generic viagra review Bad hips are bad hips everywhere and also indicated the same:   classification classification classification ofa fci fci excellent a 1 no signs of dysplasia good a 2 good b 1 transitional case   fair b 2 borderline c 1 mild   mild c 2 d 1 moderate moderate d 2 e 1 severe severe e 2 in the netherlands one is allowed to breed with hd a, hd b and hd c results. We (the barking bunch) only breed with hd a and hd b scored bmd's. Note: hip-classification in numbers 0 to 3 was used in some fci-countries until about 1990 (e. cipla generic viagra review G. happens women if they have viagra Switserland)  and then changed into classification a to e. natural viagra women So you can find the older classification still in pedigrees of dogs that were evaluated before 1990. Grade 1/1 is the same as grade c/c, which means "mildly displastic". sales of viagra In switzerland and germany those dogs are still allowed to be bred. In our pedigrees you will see these scores as well in the swiss ancestors. Look for more comparison at according to the fci scientific committee the grades are defined ad follows [the final diagnosis is based on two radiographs, one of them in position i (with extended hind legs) and the other in position ii (with flexed hindlegs, the frog position). cheap viagra ] description of classes (a to e), applicable to dogs aged between one and two years, provided correct positioning: a 1/2: no signs of hip dysplasia the femural head and the acetabulum are congruent and the acetabular angle according to norberg (adapted for pos. 1) is 105° or more. brand viagra online canadian pharmacy The craniolateral rim appears sharp and slightly rounded. buy generic viagra The joint space is narrow and even. In excellent hip joints the craniolateral rim encircles the femoral head somewhat more in laterocaudal direction. B 1/2: transitional or borderline hipjoints the femural head and the acetabulum are slightly incongruent and the acetabular angle according to norberg adapted for pos. viagra online without prescription 1) is 105° or more, or the acetabular angle according to norberg is less than 105° and the femural head and the acetabulum are congr. cipla generic viagra review

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